Google Ads management

We manage your Google Ads campaigns professionally – always keeping your individual objectives in mind.

Basic Services:

Google Ads management

  • Ongoing monitoring and analysis of campaign performance
  • Optimisation of the campaign to suit your campaign objectives
  • Managing the search engine campaign
  • Budget monitoring and management
  • Analysis of user behaviour on the website
  • Carrying out and evaluating tests
  • Extending the scope of the campaign
  • Monthly summary of the most important campaign results
  • Google Datastudio live dashboard with all important data for the search engine campaign

Optional additional services from our Google Ads Agency

  • Observation of the competition
  • Management of international, foreign-language campaigns
  • Management of flanking campaigns on YouTube, in the Google Display Network and on Facebook (incl. re-marketing)

Our objective

Our work aims to achieve the best result for your Google Ads campaign

What matters to us

  • Strict orientation towards your objectives when optimising campaigns
  • Honest advice on an equal footing

Good to know:

Google Ads management

Lead time:

2-3 weeks


from € 300 per month

our Google Ads Agency
in Vienna

Framework conditions:

Google Ads management

  • No restrictive contracts: the cooperation can be terminated at any time
  • Google bills you for advertising costs directly
  • The account and all the optimisations made in it remain your property
  • Campaign management services are billed either monthly or quarterly. The payment period is 15 days.
  • During the period of management, you (as the customer) may not make any changes to the account without consulting the agency. Otherwise, tests in progress may be disrupted and false conclusions drawn.


  1. Send briefing
  2. Kick-off telephone call to clarify any outstanding issues
  3. Inspection of existing Google Ads account
  4. Offer made
  5. Acceptance of offer
  6. Start of work
  7. Initial optimisation of the existing account
  8. Start of ongoing campaign management

Basic Services:

Google Ads management

You should answer these questions in a briefing:
  • Which objective(s) are you pursuing with your Google Ads campaign?
  • Which products/services are being advertised?
  • In which geographical regions are Google Ads being used?
  • Which landing page is currently being used?
  • How has management been done so far?
  • How much budget do you have to invest per month?

Frequently asked questions and answers:

What is the minimum monthly budget required for ongoing management of the Google Ads campaign by an agency to make economic sense?

In most cases, ongoing management makes economic sense if you have an advertising budget of between € 700 – 1000 per month. If the budgets are much lower and the campaigns generate less clicks, campaign management can still make sense. In such cases, the campaign will no longer be optimised on an ongoing basis, but only every couple of months.

When does a search campaign have to be restructured?

If a campaign was not set up professionally and in line with your objectives, we recommend setting it up again from scratch. We will take a look at the existing Google Ads account when making our offer and provide an estimate.

Can ongoing management be terminated?

Of course. If you no longer require our support as a Google Ads Agency, you can terminate the cooperation at any time.

Do the costs of Google Ads management fall over time?

If a campaign is running smoothly and no changes are made to the advertising strategy, the costs of management will fall over time. However, if you do business in a field where competition is intense or if you want to continuously try out new ideas, costs will generally stay the same.

Can the costs of Google Ads management increase over time?

Many of our customers develop over time, invest more in advertising budget and enter new markets. Therefore, as the scope of the campaign expands, costs generally also go up. Of course we always inform our customers of any increases in costs in advance.

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