Google Ads for financial service providers

Whether someone is looking for a new bank account, a credit card or lucrative new investment opportunities, the starting point is often a search on Google. As a Google Ads Agency, we help customers in the finance industry to generate new business leads using search advertising.

Why search advertising?

Search advertising is one of the most efficient ways of advertising because users disclose a lot of information about their current needs and wants on search engines. Your company can exploit this to present your products and services to your target group. Advertising costs only accrue if interested users click on your ad. Our agency plans the campaigns and then manages and optimises them so that you can get the most out of the budget you invest. That’s not all though: we can also set up attractive landing pages that provide exactly the right information about your products to users, boosting the chance that they’ll get in touch and make a purchase.

Search advertising can be structured according to these criteria:

  • Your products (e.g. credit cards, loans, investment funds, banking services)
  • Services (e.g. investment advice, asset management etc.)
  • The geographical reach of your financial services (e.g. regional, national, global)

How our Google Ads Agency can help you

Strategy & potential: Based on your objectives, we find out which search environments are relevant for your company and synthesise a campaign strategy, including an estimate of the potential and a recommendation for the budget.

Setting up the search campaign: As a Google Ads Agency, we set up Google Ads campaigns professionally and cover all the main tasks, from defining appropriate keywords to structuring and writing ads to setting up the framework for measuring the campaign’s success.

Creating landing pages that work: We create contemporary landing pages that hold the users’ interest and keep conversions on track in the final phases. We also do various tests during the campaign to optimise the performance of the landing page, step by step.

Managing and optimising the campaign: Ongoing management is essential to achieve the best possible result for a campaign. Our agency takes on all the most important tasks from budget monitoring and managing bids to analysing user behaviour. Your company’s objectives are always at the heart of our optimisation efforts.

Live dashboard & updates: Transparency is important to us. Therefore, we provide a dashboard where you can check up on the key performance indicators of the campaign at any time. We will also inform you each month about what we have learned from the campaign and what important steps we have taken in terms of optimising the campaign.

Watching your competitor’s every move: Because search marketing is in high demand, you will also face fierce competition. We analyse what your competitors are doing on Google Ads and use the information gained to position your offer as the most attractive on the market.


  • Setting up your Google Ads campaign: starting at 500 €
  • Campaign management: starting at 300 € / month
  • Websites: starting at 3,000 € / Landing pages: starting at 1,000 €

our Google Ads Agency
in Vienna

Examples of potential for

Finance industry

Fee-free current account UK

  • Goal: to reach users who are looking for a fee-free current account in UK
  • 4200 impressions per month in UK
  • Potential: with a Google Ads campaign, you can generate up to 410 clicks per month in the target group
  • Budget simulation: with a bid of € 5 per click, you can generate approx. 250 clicks per month (cost per click € 3.20) with an ad ranking on position 2. Necessary budget: € 820 per month

Sustainable investments, Australia

  • Goal: to reach users in Australia who are looking for ways of investing their money in a sustainable/green way
  • 2900 impressions per month in Australia
  • Potential: with a Google Ads campaign, you can generate up to 120 clicks per month in the target group
  • Budget simulation: with a bid of € 2.50 per click, you can generate approx. 75 clicks per month (cost per click € 1.78) with an ad ranking on position 1. Necessary budget: € 130 per month

Example search volumes for

Finance industry

Searches for “ETF” between January 2019 and December 2019

Target region: Ireland

Searches for “financial adviser” between January 2019 and December 2019

Target region: Auckland, New Zealand


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