Landing pages for Google Ads campaigns

We set up landing pages for Google Ads campaigns that help you to meet your objective – whether this is generating leads or informing people about your company.

Basic Services:

Landing pages for Google Ads campaigns

  • Setting up a landing page concept based on your advertising objectives
  • Landing page design
  • Processing the information provided
  • Filling the website with content
  • Implementation of all required functions (e.g. forms, shop, calculators etc.)
  • Implementation of conversion tracking
  • Technical implementation of the landing page based on WordPress
  • Cross-device optimisation of the display
  • Optimising loading time
  • Testing the completed landing page on frequently-used browsers and end devices
  • Managing the landing page during the Google Ads campaign

Optional additional services from our Google Ads Agency

  • Carrying out A/B tests during the campaign
  • Setting up several landing page variants
  • Setting up dynamic landing pages with content which is customised according to the user’s search enquiry
  • Setting up Google Datastudio dashboards where all important figures relating to the landing page are processed
  • Translation of the landing page into several languages

Our objective

We strive to achieve the advertising objectives set for your Goodle AdWords campaign with a professional landing page

What matters to us

  • Clearing structuring of content
  • Comprehensible content
  • Modern design
  • Cross-device optimisation
  • Implementation of the website with the best WordPress tools and plugins
  • Short loading times

Good to know:

Landing pages for Google Ads campaigns

Lead time:

min. 1 month


from € 1,000

our Google Ads Agency
in Vienna

Framework conditions:

Landing pages for Google Ads campaigns

  • 25% of the costs to be paid upon commissioning
  • 75% of the costs fall due when the website goes live. The payment period is 15 days
  • The website remains the agency’s property until the invoice has been paid in full


  1. Send briefing
  2. Telephone call if necessary to clarify any outstanding issues
  3. Production of offer
  4. Approval of offer
  5. Starting material sent to us
  6. Landing page plan made
  7. Plan agreed
  8. First design proposal put together
  9. Consultation and agreement
  10. Final acceptance of landing page
  11. Installation of the landing page on the live server
  12. Final test of the landing page
  13. Final backup set up
  14. Go live
  15. Ongoing management of the landing page during the campaign

Basic Services:

Landing pages for Google Ads campaigns

You should answer these questions in a briefing:
  • Which advertising objectives are you pursuing with your Google Ads campaign?
  • Which functions should the landing page offer?
  • Which products/services/information should be displayed on the landing page?
  • Which starting material is available?
  • When is the landing page expected to be finished?
  • Which instructions must be observed as part of the design?

Frequently asked questions and answers:

Can the landing page be set up on another content management system than WordPress?

No, we only set up landing pages using WordPress.

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