Google Ads für Ärzte

Google Ads for doctors

In many cases, the search for a new doctor leads to search engines. With search engine advertising, you as a doctor have the opportunity to advertise your practice and attract new patients.

Why search advertising?

Google Ads offers doctors a targeted and cost-effective solution to reach patients who are actively searching for specific treatments or local practices. As a doctor, you only pay when people click on your ad, so your advertising budget is used optimally. Our expertise as an agency lies in the planning, management and optimization of such campaigns. We not only guarantee effective advertising, but also develop customized landing pages. These are designed to provide potential patients with comprehensive information about your offer and significantly increase the chances of them contacting you or making an appointment.

Search advertising can be structured according to these criteria:

  • Your specialization as a doctor (e.g. dentist, dermatologist, gynaecologist, etc.)
  • Services (e.g. new dental crowns, preventive check-ups, travel vaccinations, etc.)
  • Geographical (e.g. local, national, international)
  • Specific patient groups (e.g. female, English-speaking, etc.)

How our Google Ads Agency can help you

  • Initial analysis: Once we have gained an overview of your practice and your objectives, we determine the specific potential for a Google Ads campaign. We then give you a concrete recommendation as to which rough strategy is most effective and which advertising budget we recommend.
  • Professional campaign setup: As a Google Ads agency, we take care of the complete setup of your Google Ads campaign. This includes defining the keywords, structuring the campaign, creating the ad texts and determining the bidding strategy. We will of course coordinate the final setup with you.
  • Landing page & website design: The website is ultimately just as important for a campaign as the campaign itself. After all, this is often where it is decided whether a potential patient contacts you or not. As an agency, we can create landing pages as well as websites that are designed to convince potential patients to visit your practice. We pay attention to an appealing design, convincing content that creates trust and optimal usability on all end devices.
  • Google Ads support: Once the campaign has been launched, we take over the ongoing support and optimization. As an agency, we ensure that you generate as many patients as possible for the advertising budget invested. To this end, we monitor wastage, optimize the campaign, carry out tests and ultimately take care of everything to ensure that you achieve the set goal with your search engine advertising.
  • Reporting: To give you an overview of the performance of your campaign at all times, we provide you with a live dashboard in which the current results are simply prepared and clearly presented. Every month, we inform you about current developments in the campaign, optimizations implemented and insights gained.
  • Competition monitoring: As a rule, you do not advertise alone on Google. It is therefore important to keep an eye on the competition and always ensure that your offer is perceived as the most attractive by potential patients. As an agency, we monitor the activities of your competitors and provide you with specific recommendations.


  • Setting up your Google Ads campaign: starting at 500 €
  • Campaign management: starting at 300 € / month
  • Websites: starting at 3,000 € / Landing pages: starting at 1,000 €

our Google Ads Agency
in Vienna

Examples of potential for


Example 1: General practitioner in York

  • Objective: To address potential patients in York who are looking for a general practitioner
  • Potential: There are approximately 3,000 – 5,000 relevant monthly searches in York, depending on the season.
  • Competition: High
  • Most important search terms: general practitioner near me, general practitioner close to me, gp, gp near me, doctors york
  • Budget scenario:
    • With an annual advertising budget of GBP 8,000, around 5,000 clicks can be achieved and the ads can be shown 30,000 times. The cost per click would be around GBP 1.68. If 5% of searchers contact your practice, you will come into direct contact with around 250 potential new patients per year. All forecasts are estimates. The actual performance of a campaign depends on a number of factors.
  • Source search volume: November 2023, Google Keyword Planner

Example 2: Dentist in Miami

  • Objective: To address potential patients in York who are looking for a dentist / dentistry.
  • Potential: There are approximately 45,000 relevant monthly searches in Miami.
  • Competition: Very High
  • Most important search terms: dentist near me, dentistry, dental dentist near me, dentist miami
  • Budget scenario:
    • With a monthly advertising budget of $10,000, you can get about 5,000 clicks and show the ad 71,000 times. The cost per click would be around USD 2. If 4% of searchers contact your practice, you will be in direct contact with approximately 200 potential new patients per month. All projections are estimates. The actual performance of a campaign depends on a number of factors.
  • Source search volume: November 2023, Google Keyword Planner

Example search volumes for


  • 1.300 average monthly searches for “lower back lumbar pain” in San Francisco, between November 2022 and October 2023
  • 700 average monthly searches for “ophthalmologist miami” in Miami, between November 2022 and October 2023
  • 720 average monthly searches for “gynecologist near me” in Boston, between November 2022 and October 2023
  • London – Eye Exam
    • 720 average monthly searches for “eye exam london”
    • 6.600 average monthly searches for “eye test”
    • 1.600 average monthly searches for “eye exam cost”
  • Boston – Gynecologist
    • 1.000 average monthly searches for “obgyn”
    • 720 average monthly searches for “gynecologist”
    • 590 average monthly searches for “gynecologist near me”

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