Google Ads for translation agencies

In a fiercely competitive market like translation, efficient advertising is a crucial part of acquiring customers for a reasonable price. Search advertising with Google Ads enables you to connect to users looking for the services you offer.

Why search advertising?

Search advertising enables you to target and connect with users who are looking for the services you offer. When looking for translation services, users often enter the language combination they need or the specific area of expertise (e.g. medical, legal, technical). By using negative keywords, you can also sculpt traffic, e.g. by excluding users who are looking for free translations.

Search advertising can be structured according to these criteria:

  • Language combinations (e.g. German/English, English/Russian)
  • Specialisation (e.g. legal translation, medical translation, literary translation)
  • Geographical reach (e.g. regional, national, international)

How our Google Ads Agency can help you

Forecast: First of all, we analyse how much potential there is for your objectives and set up a forecast for the campaign. This shows us how often searches are done for the issues which are relevant to you, how many clicks can be generated through Google Ads and how much these clicks cost. We also make a recommendation on how much advertising budget you should invest.

Setting up the campaign: The first step in any successful search campaign is the professional set up. As a Google Ads Agency, we take care of structuring the campaign, defining the search terms and all the key settings and also write the ads to be displayed as part of the campaign.

Landing pages & websites: A search campaign can generate the best users, but this is of no benefit whatsoever if the website they land on after clicking puts them off becoming your customer. Therefore, we also help you to create a website which speaks to potential customers in exactly the right way to persuade them to place their order with you.

Campaign management & optimisation: As soon as your Google Ads campaign has been activated, we will analyse, manage and optimise it on an ongoing basis – always keeping your individual goals in mind.

Reporting: Of course, as a customer, you should always be kept up to date with how the campaign is progressing. Therefore, we give you access to a live dashboard with all the key campaign data. We also send you a monthly report setting out all the steps we have taken to optimise the campaign, what we have learnt so far and what is currently going on on the market.

Keeping a close eye on the competition: In a highly competitive market like translation, it is essential to keep your competitors on Google Ads on the radar. After all, you are fighting for the attention of potential customers as part of every search enquiry. We analyse the advertising strategies of your key competitors and use this information to get your translation agency into an even better market position.


  • Setting up your Google Ads campaign: starting at 500 €
  • Campaign management: starting at 300 € / month
  • Websites: starting at 3,000 € / Landing pages: starting at 1,000 €

our Google Ads Agency
in Vienna

Examples of potential for

Translation agencies

Example: legal translation USA

  • Goal: to reach users in the USA who are looking for legal translation services
  • 5400 impressions per month in USA
  • Potential: with a Google Ads campaign, you can generate up to 250 clicks per month in the target group
  • Budget simulation:
    • with a bid of € 20 per click, you can generate approx. 240 clicks per month (cost per click € 8.40) with an ad ranking on position 2. Necessary budget: € 2000 per month
    • with a bid of € 11 per click, you can generate approx. 230 clicks per month (cost per click € 5.64) with an ad ranking on position 2. Necessary budget: € 1300 per month

Example search volumes for

Translation agencies

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