Google Ads Kampagne erstellen lassen

Setting up Google Ads campaigns

Would you like to have a Google Ads campaign set up? We do the professional set-up of search campaigns, tailored to your objectives.

Basic Services:

Setting up Google Ads campaigns

  • Joint setting of objectives
  • Market research & producing a forecast
  • Campaign strategy
  • Setting up a Google Ads account
  • Setting up a Google Ads campaign
    • structuring the campaign
    • defining keywords
    • defining of negative keywords
    • developing ad texts & ad extensions for search engine advertising
    • setting up conversion tracking
    • linking Google Ads with Google Analytics
  • Evaluation of the landing pages and making suggestions for optimisation
  • Start check for the search campaign
  • Optimisation after 30 days
  • Setting up a campaign dashboard with all important performance data

Optional additional services from our Google Ads Agency

  • Implementation of international, multilingual search campaigns
  • Setting up re-marketing campaigns via the Google Display Network and on YouTube

Our objective

If we set up your Google Ads campaign, you can be sure that your advertising objective is our top priority, whether this is to sell more products in an online shop or to generate quality users who read your content.

What matters to us

  • The specific objectives you set when setting up the campaign are always the top priority
  • The campaign is set up based on actual search enquiries
  • We explain what we are doing and why in a way which is easy to understand

Good to know:

Setting up Google Ads campaigns

Lead time:

2-3 weeks


from € 500

our Google Ads Agency
in Vienna

Framework conditions:

Setting up Google Ads campaigns

  • The costs will be charged after the campaign has been set up. The payment period is 15 days
  • The account will remain the agency’s property until the invoice has been paid
  • The client must enter the payment data for billing the advertising costs itself. Of course we can send the relevant instructions.


  1. Send us a briefing
  2. Any outstanding issues clarified in a telephone call
  3. Offer prepared
  4. Approval of the offer
  5. Work out and agree on a campaign strategy

Basic Services:

Setting up Google Ads campaigns

You should answer these questions in a briefing:
  • What objectives do you want to achieve with the Google Ads campaign?
  • How much advertising budget do you have to spend per month?
  • Which products/services do you want to advertise?
  • When should the campaign begin?
  • Which geographical regions do you want to display ads in?

Frequently asked questions and answers:

What are the benefits of having a Google Ads campaign set up by an agency?

We have more than 11 years’ experience in search engine advertising. During that time, we have helped hundreds of campaigns to succeed. Due to this experience, we have developed an instinct for how quickly you can achieve your goals.

What happens after the agency has set up the campaign?

One month after starting the campaign, we analyse the performance data from the search advertising again and fine-tune the campaign. This concludes our regular support. If you would like us to continually monitor the campaign or want us to optimise your campaign at regular intervals, we would be happy to help you with our additional services.

What factors determine the expenses for setting up a search campaign?

If you would like to have a Google Ads campaign set up for you, the expected costs will depend on the level of detail of the search campaign. If, for example, your company offers 100 different products, the costs will be higher than for a small local services provider which just offers one core service. The number of ad variants produced, whether the ads have to be translated and how difficult it is to measure results will also affect the cost of setting up the campaign.

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