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Google Ads for craftsmen

If you need a tradesman, you often start your search with just a few clicks in a search engine such as Google. With search engine advertising, you can advertise your trades business prominently for suitable search queries in your region. Costs are only incurred if interested parties click on your ad. As a Google Ads agency, we support craft businesses in setting up Google Ads campaigns and ensure through continuous optimization that the search engine campaign results in as many orders as possible – after all, the campaign should be worthwhile for your business.

Why search advertising?

The advantage of search engine advertising is that it only reaches people who are currently looking for a craft business. The probability that these people will make contact with a business is therefore much higher than with a newspaper advert or a radio advert, for example. Another advantage is that you only pay when a prospective customer clicks on the advert. You can also measure the success of the campaign and determine whether it is worthwhile for your business.

Search advertising can be structured according to these criteria:

  • Geographical (e.g. 20km around your workshop)
  • Service(s) you want to advertise (e.g. locksmith service, BMW repair, etc.)
  • Target group (e.g. male 40+)

How our Google Ads Agency can help you

  • Research & conception: You tell us what goal the campaign should pursue and we analyse how we can best achieve this goal for your company. Among other things, we analyse which search terms are suitable, how the competition is positioned and which general advertising strategy makes sense. We will also make a budget recommendation and give you a rough idea of what you can expect.
  • Setup: Based on the concept, we then set up the actual campaign. To do this, we create a Google Ads account, structure the campaign, develop ad texts, create keywords and make all the basic settings for the campaign.
  • Measuring success: In order to be able to measure whether the campaign leads to orders, we also set up conversion tracking. Here, for example, the website reports back to Google Ads whether a form has been sent by a campaign visitor or a call button has been clicked. We can use this data to make the campaign even more efficient and cost-effective at a later stage.
  • Campaign management: In order to make campaigns a success and ensure their success, it is necessary to continuously monitor, analyse and optimise Google Ads. This ensures that the best possible results are achieved from the advertising budget. As a Google Ads agency, we take on this work so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • Reporting: To keep you up to date with the campaign, we provide you with a detailed monthly report on campaign performance. You will also receive access to a platform where you can view the results of the campaign on a daily basis.
  • Website & landing page: A Google Ads campaign can only be successful if the website of your craft business is convincing. If your website is outdated or not sales-orientated, we as an agency can create sleek, contemporary websites for you that are designed to land orders.
  • Competitor monitoring: When you advertise on Google, you’re usually not alone and people are comparing your business to the competition. As a Google Ads agency, we look at who your competitors are and show you what you can do to be the better choice for people.


  • Setting up your Google Ads campaign: starting at 500 €
  • Campaign management: starting at 300 € / month
  • Websites: starting at 3,000 € / Landing pages: starting at 1,000 €

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in Vienna

Examples of potential for

Google Ads for craftsmen

Example 1: Carpenter Liverpool

  • Goal: Address potential customers in Liverpool who are looking for a carpenter
  • Potential: There are between 1,500 – 2,000 relevant search queries per month in Liverpool
  • Competition: Medium
  • Examples of actual search queries:
    • carpenter, carpenter liverpool, carpenter near me, joiner liverpool, joiners near me
  • Example Google Ads campaign
    • With an annual advertising budget of GBP 6,000, you can achieve a prominent presence for important search queries, bringing around 3,400 visitors to your website. If 4% of these clicks lead to enquiries, this equates to approximately 120 enquiries per year for the joinery business.

Example 2: Electrician in Oxfordshire

  • Objective: Target people looking for an electrician in Oxfordshire with Google Ads
  • Potential: There are between 3,500 and 7,000 search queries per month in Oxfordshire. The search volume is highest in October and November.
  • Competition: Medium
  • Examples of actual popular search queries:
    • electrician near me, electrician close to me, electrician, electrician oxford, emergency electrician, local electricians
  • Example Google Ads campaign
    • With an advertising budget of GBP 14,000 per year, search engine advertising on Google can bring around 8,000 clicks to the website. With a conversion rate of 3%, this leads to around 240 enquiries per year for an electrician.

Source search volume: January 2024, source Google Keyword Planner

Example search volumes for

Google Ads for craftsmen

  • Google searches for “Emergency Plumber” in London between January 2022 and December 2023.
    Google Ads Example 1 - Craftsmen
  • Google searches for ‘leaking roof repair’ in Edinburgh
    As soon as the weather gets wetter in Scotland during the winter months, Google searches for roof repairs increase dramatically. The peak season is from October to December.
    Google Ads for craftsmen - Example

Source: Google Keyword Planner, January 2023

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