One-off Google Ads optimisation

We analyse and optimise your existing Google Ads campaign

Basic Services:

One-off Google Ads optimisation

  • Defining the objective of optimisation
  • Finding out the status quo
  • Check how the success of the campaign is currently being measured
  • Analysis of the Google Ads account with all key performance indicators
  • Analysis of user behaviour
  • Analysis of the landing page
  • Analysis of as yet untapped potential
  • Definition and summary of optimisation measures
  • Implementation of optimisation measures in the Google Ads account
  • Monitoring performance
  • Summary of optimisation results

Optional additional services from our Google Ads Agency

  • Analysis of your Google Ads competitors and their strategies
  • Analysis of organic (non-paid) rankings in the search engines using campaign keywords

Our objective

Our objective is to optimise your Google Ads account in such a way that you can achieve your advertising objectives more efficiently.

What matters to us

  • Strict objective-based optimisation
  • Holistic analysis of all important factors
  • Transparent working methods and clarity of steps to optimise
  • Clear communication between equals, free of jargon

Good to know:

One-off Google Ads optimisation

Lead time:

3-4 weeks


from € 800

our Google Ads Agency
in Vienna

Framework conditions:

One-off Google Ads optimisation

  • To optimise a search campaign, access to the existing Google Ads account with editing rights is required. Only your Google Ads account number is required to grant such access.
  • Ideally, there should also be access to web analytics statistics so that the quality of the campaign users can be evaluated. An email address was provided for this purpose, which can be activated.
  • 25% of the costs must be paid in advance
  • 75% must be paid after optimisation is complete. The payment period is 14 days.


  1. Send briefing
  2. Kick-off call/meeting
  3. Google Ads account activated for us
  4. First look at the account
  5. Offer made
  6. Analysis and definition of optimisation measures
  7. Summary of measures
  8. Joint agreement on optimisation recommendations
  9. Implementation of optimisation
  10. Monitoring success and making adjustments if necessary
  11. Final report

Basic Services:

One-off Google Ads optimisation

You should answer these questions in a briefing:
  • What do you want to achieve with your optimisation?
  • How has the search campaign been optimised previously?
  • Which aims are you pursuing with Google Ads?
  • Which advertising budget would you like to invest per month for search engine advertising?
  • How has the campaign been set up (e.g. did you do it by yourself, or was it done by an agency/Google?)
  • Does the Google Ads account measure campaign performance?
  • Does the Google Ads account measure the success of the campaign (conversion tracking)?

Frequently asked questions and answers:

Can every Google Ads campaign be optimised?

No. If an automatic “Smart Google Ads” campaign has been set up, professional campaign optimisation is not possible. In this case, having a search campaign set up professionally may be an effective solution.

Does one-off Google Ads optimisation guarantee the long-term success of a search campaign?

As part of one-off optimisation, the previous performance data and all important parameters of the campaign are checked. Then, weaknesses will be remedied, which generally improves the performance of your campaign. However, going forward, your campaign will still be exposed to unforeseeable changes on the market (e.g. growth/behaviour of competitors, changes in search behaviour, changes to Google Ads products, etc.). Therefore, one-off optimisation only provides short-term benefits. Long-term success can only be achieved with regular optimisation, e.g. ongoing Google Ads management.

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